The Alyona Show: Haiti Six Months On

Alyona speaks to Allison Shelley, an award-winning freelance photojournalist who splits her time between Washington, DC and Port au Prince, she has traveled to Haiti four times since the earthquake. She shares her photos and personal stories and says what if anything has changed in the last six months.

In March, rapper Immortal Technique participated in a "Hip-Hop for Haiti" concert and benefit raising $10,000. Last month, Immortal Technique and other artists flew to Haiti to make sure those funds were being used and distributed properly. He describes a police state run by the US and the UN mired in corruption. RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya spoke to the rapper and she joins Alyona to share his most explosive observations.

Since employment bottomed out in February, New York securities firms have added nearly 2,000 jobs. Executives, economists and headhunters are expecting the growth to continue. But the census workers who were hired by the government will be losing those jobs in the summer months, and recovery is non-existent in most of America. Alyona asks RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster what do we make of this recovery when Wall Street is the only place recovering?

Then, a cult originally known as The Children of God, now going by the name of The Family has a message of salvation, apocalypticism and spiritual "revolution" against the outside world, and a controversial technique called "Flirty Fishing," where the cult’s founder and leader used sex as a way to "show God's love" and win over converts. Allegedly, after numerous reports of child abuse, this practice was discontinued in 1987. Alyona talks to Tina Dupuy a cult survivor and nationally syndicated political columnist and investigative journalist to ask her what’s life like after a cult.

Many people all over the world become members of these various cult groups. Alyona speaks to a cult expert Steve Hassan, author of “Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to think for Themselves” and asks how exactly he characterized a cult.