The Alyona Show: Greek Meltdown

Three people were killed in Athens on May 5 as protests against the government's new austerity measures turned violent. In order to receive a $141 billion loan package, Greece needs to prove to the rest of Europe that it is capable of paying the money back. To do this, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has proposed strict cuts to pensions and wages. The public sector responded with nation wide strikes, and as we see now, violence. Protesters set fire to a bank, in which three employees were trapped and were ultimately killed. So is the Greek population going about this the wrong way, and sending the rest of the world the wrong signals? Alyona talks to Joe Weisenthal from the Business Insider.

Americans, especially Americans that live in Western states like California, Arizona, and Texas, all celebrate Cinco De Mayo. And at the same time, these Americans approve of laws like the recent immigration law passed in Arizona that leads to racial profiling, and we can assume that those most affected will be Latino. So what's with the double standard? Alyona and Christopher Chambers, a Georgetown University professor discuss.

Now in light of all of our discussions on Cinco De Mayo. We have to ask, aside from misunderstanding, racism, anger, and fear, what else is holding immigration reform back? Could it be because the movement itself, is missing a leader? Alyona and RT correspondent Kristine Frazao discuss.

Later, despite the fact that it's completely legal, it's thought of as a pretty dirty word. But to many, it's so much more than that. It's an art form, and a way of life. Alyona talks to RT Correspondent Cedric Moon about his recent trip to the porn capital of the world.

Finally, we've already seen a good crop of ridiculous political ads this year, and election season is just beginning. We can only expect more of these gems to keep coming out. Alyona and Jenny analyze what these political ads do to American society and whether or not they are ruining any faith that people might have in their politicians.