The Alyona Show: Goldman: Econ Bad or Worse

In an e-mail Goldman told its clients there’s no hope for an economic recovery. The only two options apparently are fairly bad or very bad. Jan Hatzius, the chief US economist for Goldman Sachs sent the e-mail. Anthony Randazzo, the director of economic research for the Reason Foundation explained when Goldman Sachs says something everyone listens because of their track record, but he also made note that they haven’t been right on everything.

And, are the media and the military getting a little too close for comfort? Just think of the massive media blitzes we've seen top generals and the increasing openness where they lay out their war strategies, and even let a little trash talking slip. Then, think of all the softball questions that the media throws their way, the unwillingness to be critical or cross any boundaries. Looks like the Pentagon is laying the groundwork, to master the media and the media is going along with it. Tom Engelhardt, the editor of TomDispatch, co-founder of the American Empire Project and author of “The American Way of War: How Bush's Wars Became Obama's” helped explain the working relationship between the military and the media, and how it’s changing.

Then, Americans want to go green but when it comes to changing one of their favorite potato chip bags, they revolt. Frito Lay had created a biodegradable bag, made from plant-based materials for their SunChips brand. But consumers weren’t happy because the bag was way too noisy leading SunChips’ sales to decline and ultimately, making them scrap the environmentally friendly bags. Kate Sheppard, an environmental reporter for Mother Jones discussed how this shows you how the slightest change receives a great amount of resistance. She explained just how noisy this bag really was.

Apparently you’re watching the “enemy” right now. That’s how BBG's new chairman, Walter Isaacson, chose to describe the international broadcasting of Russia Today, Iran's Press TV, Venezuela TeleSUR, and China's launch of its own 24-hour international news channel. The BBG gets a hefty 700 million dollar annual budget, which our taxpayer dollars go to. Isaacson is now planning on running to congress to ask them to match the billions that China has reportedly set as their budget, so that America can compete. Josh Rogin from Foreign Policy Magazine explained that grouping all of these stations together wasn’t a good move. Rogin said Isaacson should be trying to keep the US government out of reporting at all cost.

So, did you ever think while you were on the beach enjoying your vacation that a convicted terrorist could be sitting right next to you? Raul Diaz Pena, the once escaped convict, is now a political prisoner living a luxurious life in the US. Jihan Hafiz explained how his freedom can be seen as a double standard when it comes to America's war on terror.