The Alyona Show: George W. Bush–Internet Freedom Advocate?

The George W. Bush Presidential Center includes a national archive, a presidential museum, and, in the words used on their website, the intellectual capital of a research-based policy institute to advance ideas based on the core principles of the Bush Presidency: Freedom, opportunity, responsibility and compassion. To a lot of people, it's pretty hypocritical for the man who's administration passed the Patriot Act to be championing internet freedom. Alyona and radio host Thom Hartmann discuss the blatant hypocrisy.

A new bill in Arizona could pave the way for racial profiling of Latinos. Basically, if you look like an immigrant, the cops can question you and demand your paperwork. Most people see this as racial profiling because let's face it, most immigrants are Latino, but John Wahala from the Center for Immigration Studies feels differently he and Alyona hash it out.

Then, what does privacy really mean for a younger generation that's growing up with their private lives, being posted on the Web? Alyona and RT Producer Lucy Kafanov discuss why privacy has become one of the hottest issues of the technological age.

And, what does it say about the US when college students will come out in the thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands to collectively break the law and smoke weed because they feel oh so passionate about it, and yet when it comes to issues like war, they don't seem to care? Alyona talks to Political Comedian Katie Halper about whether or not college age kids really just want to have fun.

And finally, not all Americans see the new law in Arizona as a bad thing. Perhaps because they aren't the ones being affected, and perhaps because they really just don't care.Alyona and RT Producer Jenny Churchill debate.