The Alyona Show: George Bush Wanted to be ‘Superman’

 ‘United We Stand’ was the motto shouted this past weekend at memorial services in honor of the September 11th attacks, but do we still feel this way nine years later? Nine years after September 11th and we’re still in two wars, facing perpetual conflict against an unseen terror threat, facing the suspension of civil liberties and of course an economic collapse. So we have to ask, where are we today nine years later? Radio Host Thom Hartmann explained why he thinks George Bush blew it on purpose and discusses the minefields Obama faces today. Hartmann explained that Afghanistan could become Obama’s Vietnam.

No new START? The Senate is expected to take up the START treaty later this week. But with only a single Republican on board so far, Senate approval of the treaty looks unlikely. So what's keeping Republicans from signing on to a new START? Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, Dr. Lawrence Korb, a former Reagan and Bush adviser and former Assistant Secretary of Defense explained tells us why people can’t get themselves to trust this treaty. He explained how important this treaty is and the precedent it would set for the rest of the world.

Then, a new report shows one in seven Americans are considered poor. The US poverty rate has skyrocketed under the Obama administration in 2009. The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson explained that a lot of welfare programs are in place, but people are opposed to the government creating anymore.

Did you know about the 9/12 rallies? Tea partiers came out in force in DC chanting "We Want Our Country Back!" while a rally promoting Unity among Muslims and Americans took place on the other side of town. RT’s Dina Gusovsky explained the divisions within the tea party and described reactions from the people who came out to promote unity.

And, Native American Activist Leonard Peltier is serving time in prison for the death of two FBI agents, but he has caught the headlines as a political prisoner in some regions. Jihan Hafiz explained how some ‘political prisoners’ go unknown.