The Alyona Show: Geithner Dogged by Ministers

In preparation for the G-20 meeting next month in South Korea, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wrote a letter suggesting a way to pressure countries like China that has a hefty trade surplus, to allow their currency to appreciate. In response Geithner was hit with pushback by several countries. Joe Weisenthal, the deputy editor of The Business Insider said it’s possible the US is hoping other countries will meet us in the middle, but it’s not looking that way. He called the current state pretty depressing.

And, Attorney General Eric Holder stated that the DOJ strongly opposes California’s Prop 19, and if voters in California choose to vote for full legalization, the federal government will "vigorously enforce" federal law. Is Obama threatening California’s stoners? Matt Welch, the editor-in-chief of Reason Magazine called this an appalling use of intimidation to get people not to vote.

With elections just around the corner, Alyona and Jenny Churchill decided to take the stereotypes to the extreme, since that’s what everyone is doing of course. Check out Alyona and her opponent Jenny Churchill’s latest campaign ads.

Also, US military recruiters are so desperate for new people that their tactics are becoming a bit too personal. They’re going into American High Schools to convince students to enlist and administer tests, sometimes without the parents’ knowledge. Pat Elder, a DC-based counter-recruiting organizer said recruiters target schools based more on income than race.

Then, it’s the Slutsky Mash-Up with everything from George Bush’s trailer for his new book to a new study revealing intelligent people drink more. Matt and Peter Slutsky, co-founders of DoubleSpeak Media, joined us to discuss!