The Alyona Show: Frustration boils over

After accusing the media of not covering enough of the Afghanistan debate inside Washington, retiring Congressman Patrick Kennedy (Democrat-Rhode Island) made headlines himself with a rant on the House floor. He accuses the US media of being more interested in sex scandals than debate in the Capitol over the war. Georgetown University professor Christopher Chambers joins Alyona in studio to discuss Congressman Kennedy’s accusations. 

US President Barack Obama is a strong proponent of green jobs in America. Heralded as a way to keep the United States a cut above the rest, the administration wants to pour money and incentives into green jobs. RT Producer Jennifer Churchill sits down to battle Alyona on whether the president’s plan will work for middle America.

Jesse Ventura has made news recently after his article on 9/11 was removed from the Huffington Post. HuffPo said the move was made under their policy disallowing conspiracy theories.  Ventura’s television show focusing on conspiracy theories has a strong following, and RT's Ananastia Churkina spoke with him recently about the censorship as well as his controversial views. She joins Alyona from New York to discuss the concept of mainstream conspiracy theories.

Finally, the Obama administration has thrown its support behind the idea of a national DNA database for anyone arrested inside the country, regardless of whether you’re convicted or charged with a crime. The president believes a national database will give law enforcement agencies the best chance to identify and capture those arrested on U.S. soil. Clearly, civil and criminal rights advocates are not pleased. Deborah Small is opposed to the idea, and she joins Alyona from Vienna, Austria to discuss.