The Alyona Show: FOX Selling Fear

FOX News is focused on a new foe, Viktor Bout an alleged Russian arms dealer that the Thai courts are discussing the possible extradition to the US. In a "fair and balanced" news article on the FOX website, the writer called this the last great spy battle of the Cold War, and claimed that Bout has close ties to the Kremlin. Christopher Chambers, a Georgetown University Professor and author of the blog Nat Turner's Revenge, explained FOX’s political agenda is to drive their fear mongering. He said for an example, FOX created the Tea Party by building on this fear.

Then, affordable childcare and paid maternity leave are hard if not impossible to come by in America. Yes women have been making big strides in the business and political fields, but that doesn't mean balancing work and children, has become any easier. RT's Kaelyn Forde explained that women’s rights are vastly different when it comes to the average working mothers and things have actually gotten harder for these women.

Is waging war the best way to achieve peace? That's what the infamous William Kristol and two other conservatives are arguing in their Wall Street Journal op-ed. Conservatives are getting their panties in a bunch at the thought that defense spending might also land on the chopping block. You have three conservative commentators trying to convince people that a cheaper military won’t solve our financial woes, but will make the world a more dangerous place. US military veteran Jake Diliberto explained that war making only adds to large government and it’s a misunderstanding that going to war will bring us to peace.

And, conservatives seem to be obsessed with Sex. You hear them crying the loudest about freedom and civil liberties and the government not telling you what to do, but when the topic turns to sex it looks like some turn into a Christian crusader advocating for the government to regulate your bedroom activities. Salon’s Tracy Clark-Flory explained they’re afraid of the power of sex and if they aren’t having any sex, they don’t want anyone else to either.

If your house catches on fire in America, the assumption is that you can call 911 and the fire department will come, because these are government services that your taxpayer dollars automatically go towards. But not for one Tennessee family who had the option to pay for the service and never paid the fee, so when their house was burning the fire department stood by and watched. What does it mean for Americans to pick and choose, and pay for public services, to become private. Mike Elk, a labor journalist and contributing editor for In These Times, said firefighter services are a public good rather than having to pay for fees. Katherine Mangu-Ward, Senior editor of Reason magazine and argued people should be able to pick and choice what services they want.