The Alyona Show: Foreclosure Epidemic

What really kicked off this recession was the housing crisis. The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America is trying to help where the government and banks haven’t. RT correspondent Kristine Frazao joins Alyona to discuss how thousands of people lined up today in Washington, DC in hopes of getting a lower principle or lower interest rate. 

Then, watch Alyona take on Rush Limbaugh for simply refusing to admit that firing Shirley Sherrod was a mistake. Yesterday Limbaugh claimed that he absolutely had to bring up the Sherrod story, because he was the only one willing to tell it straight and called out fellow conservative media FOX News for refusing to talk about the story.

Some former CIA agents are now using their influence and connections to work as lobbyists for foreign governments. When the news of the 10 Russian spies broke, many critiques said they weren't doing good spy work, nothing that a lobbyist or a consultant couldn't do. Alyona asks Jack Rice, former CIA Special Agent and Criminal Defense Attorney, if we’re underestimating lobbyists? And if some, in fact, are modern-day spies? Rice explains that we should be looking even beyond the CIA.

Then, should lying to get sex be considered rape? A man in Jerusalem has been charged with rape because he lied about his religion. Think about it, men and women could both be guilty of not telling the whole truth before hopping into bed. Alyona asks Tracy Clark-Flory from Salon where it crosses the line from sexual seduction to fraud.

And, the board of trustees of a Roman Catholic Church on Staten Island has rejected a proposal to sell a vacant convent to a Muslim organization who wanted to build a mosque. People who were opposed to the sale feared it becoming a front for terrorism. To debate this, Alyona is joined by Will Youmans, representative of the Palestine Center in DC and Pamela Geller, executive director of Stop Islamization of America. In the wake of 9/11, do we see this as a full on assault on Islam in America?

Later, from everything from boobs getting bigger, to Wal-Mart tracking your panties and the Chinese finally being allowed to watch internet porn, comedian Seaton Smith has ‘two cents’ on all of it.

Finally, the Pentagon is now the giant elephant in the room that is spending enormous amounts on the military. The bipartisan deficit reduction commission has warned that a good hard look is needed at defense if the US is going to be serious about deficit reduction. Alyona says a good hard look isn’t going to be enough. Alyona explains that defense shouldn’t continue to grow.