The Alyona Show: FBI Cooked Up DC Bomb Plot?

Farooque Ahmed, a naturalized US citizen, born in Pakistan, living in Virginia, has been arrested for allegedly plotting attacks on Washington DC area metro stations. But the people he interacted with, that he believed were al-Qaeda members, were actually working for the FBI. Independent Journalist Petra Bartosiewicz addressed the question; is this is entrapment?

Anti-Prop 19 advocates like the Chamber of Commerce are using scare mongering tactics to get you to vote against legalizing marijuana. A new radio ad made by the Chamber gives you the scary image of having a nurse care for you while she’s high. Reason Magazine’s Matt Welch weighs in on reality.

Then, the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart called President Obama ‘Dude,’ which caused the media to go wild. They ended up directing their full attention and coverage of this one single word, completely missing the substance of the president’s interview.
And, just two years ago Barack Obama was a promising charismatic candidate. Today, we see a Democratic Party in disarray and a mobilized right-wing ready to take back the country. Ari Berman, author of “Herding Donkeys explained Obama’s top down Washington view.

What’s this?! A Tea Party Movement is forming in Israel? Israeli Obama haters have decided to establish a party of their own and they’re outraged over Obama saying that Israel should extend the settlement moratorium. The Israeli Tea Party will hold their inaugural rally this weekend in Tel Aviv.