The Alyona Show: Europe Pushes US to Austerity

Europe's financial crisis continues and the value of the Euro continues to sink. While Greece may have snapped first, the worst may still be to come since unlike the US, EU states don't have the authority to adjust their inflation rates. So is the situation in Europe now comparable to September 2008 in the US, or is this an entirely different ballgame? Alyona discusses with Gregory White from the Business Insider.

The New York Times broke the news that last September, General David Petraeus signed a secret directive ordering a large expansion of clandestine military activity in more than 12 nations, including Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iran. While the intentions are supposedly to gather intelligence and build ties with local forces, officials have said it also permits reconnaissance that could pave the way for possible military strikes in Iran. So why does the US keep trying to play global policeman in secret? Alyona discusses the directive with Lawrence Korb a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.

Then, it turns out that the No Fly list isn't the only one the TSA keeps. They actually have a list of passengers who are deemed "pushy" or make TSA employees feel threatened. How many lists does Homeland Security really need? And how are they supposed to implement the pushy list when they can't even keep tabs on the No Fly list?

Later, violence has plagued Jamaica since late last week over US efforts to extradite Christopher Dudus Coke, an alleged drug lord that some call the most powerful man in the country. A state of emergency has been announced in parts of Kingston, and 44 people, mostly civilians, are said to be dead. But what makes this case unique is that the people of Jamaica think of this man as a Robin Hood, which is why they blockaded the neighborhood in which he lives from authorities. Alyona discusses the situation with RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya.

And, the GOP at one time, embraced the Tea Party. They were just the populist wave of anger Republicans needed to show Obama that he's unpopular and unwelcome. But now that the Tea Partiers are actually winning primaries....the GOP is turning it's back on the movement. Should the Tea Partiers have seen this coming? Alyona discusses with Kristen Soltis, director of policy research at The Winston Group, and Katherine Mangu-Ward a senior editor at Reason magazine.

Finally, thanks to the decades-long conflict in Colombia, it's estimated that 4 million people have been displaced. Many of these people are union leaders and others activists from the left. Yesterday, some of these refugees came to the White House to remind the US that their policies and practices in Colombia have not gone unnoticed. Alyona talks with RT Correspondent Jihan Hafiz, who is following the story.