The Alyona Show: Economic expectations hit rock bottom

More bad news for the economy as jobs numbers are released. But you wouldn't have known it was this bad if you read the media headlines, which all claimed, it could have been worse! The media is trying to paint a deceiving picture on more gloomy economic news. Jobs numbers were released and all you saw were headlines like this, "Decline in Jobs was Less Than Expected", or "Private Hiring Surprises with 67,000 New Jobs". Sorry, but it’s not getting any better. Anthony Randazzo, the director of economic research for the Reason Foundation, explained it’s all about who’s going to get elected this November. He said all of these failures point back to Obama’s policies.

The outlook for Democrats in the November election is not looking so good for the party. One factor is the economy, with unemployment steadily remaining over 9 percent, and the Obama administration unable to turn things around. Some are calling it a cruel summer for Democrats. Radio host Thom Hartmann said republicans are playing hardball and they will do anything to destroy a Democratic president. He also explained that democracy itself wouldn’t be able to survive if the Tea Party were in charge.

Then, with racial tensions in the US building, why do minorities fail to come together and support each other? Fears of a new wave of racial hatred have been spurred by a spring of attacks on Hispanic residents in New York. Racial, ethnic, and religious tensions are coming to the forefront in America and the battle has very much become us versus them. James Early, the director of Cultural Heritage Policy at the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage explained that a new wave of anxiety partly due to the economic crisis is to blame. Community Organizer Ron Gochez said this hatred is nothing new and explained what needs to be done today to address it.

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