The Alyona Show: Dresden Remembered

Considered by many to be the worst blemish on Allied forces during World War II, the bombing of Dresden, Germany, is remembered on its 65th anniversary. Author Jacques Pauwels joins Alyona from Ontario to discuss the Neo-Nazis who will demonstrate in the city of Dresden on the anniversary of the bombing in 1945.

Black women in the United States are upset – well, at least the ones who are looking for black husbands but can't find them. RT correspondent Kristine Frazao sits down with Alyona to discuss the social dynamic of black women trying to find black husbands.

In a show of strength, President Barack Obama has pushed through 29 federal nominees facing opposition from Republicans. President Obama informed his counterparts on the right that if they didn't stop the process of blocking his nominees, he would simply use his executive powers to appoint them when Congress goes into recess. Matthew and Peter Slutsky join Alyona live in the studio to discuss the President's decision.

Former US Assistant Secretary of State Lawrence Korb joins Alyona to break down America's newest defense toy. Only hours after the first successful test of an airborne laser missile defense system, Korb, who helped design the program under the Reagan Administration, provides an exclusive account of what many call the "Star Wars” defense system.