The Alyona Show: Dow goes down

On May 6, the Dow, came crashing down. In the largest drop in any single day, the stock market experienced a nearly 1,000 point freefall. Some would like to blame it on a minor spelling error, with a Citigroup trader mistyping billion instead of million. But the truth is, everyone is looking towards Greece. Alyona talks about the situation with RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster in New York and Reason Magazine's Anthony Randazzo.

This week, Washington Post Co. announced that it is putting Newsweek magazine up for sale. Newsweek is on track to lose $20 million this year, despite attempts to turn it around, which included a makeover. It's no secret that print journalism has been on the way down, but is Newsweek shutting it's doors for good and is this, really, the beginning of the end? Alyona and Thom Hartmann discuss.

Then, according to the LA Times, the CIA has received secret permission to attack a wider range of targets, including suspected militants whose names are not known, as part of a dramatic expansion of its campaign of drone strikes in Pakistan's border region. So what ever happened to using intelligence?

And finally, a SWAT team in Missouri carried out a raid looking for a "large amount of marijuana." After shooting Jonathan Witworth's his two dogs and killing one, all they found was a pipe, a grinder, and a "small amount" of weed. Unfortunately, there are as many as one hundred of these terrifying paramilitary raids carried out every single day in the U.S. Alyona and Sgt. James Hanson discuss.