The Alyona Show: Do Police Infringe on Free Speech?

Could you imagine protesters in the US shutting down airports like they have in France? No, because US authorities would never let it happen. But, does that mean US democracy is becoming too militarized. Retired special operations Master Sergeant Jim Hanson explained the difference between free speech and causing damage. Talk radio host Adam Kokesh of Adam vs. The Man explained that the French are fighting for entitlement unlike Americans.

Then, the CIA is suing former agent Ishmael Jones for his critical memoir that he said exposes the CIA as a place to get rich with billions of taxpayer dollars wasted or stolen in espionage programs that produce nothing. Ishmael Jones, Author of "The Human Factor: Inside the CIA's Dysfunctional Intelligence Culture” explained that human intelligence doesn’t require that much money.

Juan Williams, a FOX News commentator and now former news analyst for NPR had his contract terminated with NPR for making “bigoted” anti-Muslim comments on The O'Reilly Factor. Christopher Chambers, a Georgetown University professor and author of the blog Nat Turner's Revenge said as an African American Williams should have known better and since his comment was based off of someone’s religion, it was bigoted.

And, the man many credit as being one of the original founders of the Tea Party, Karl Denninger, has called Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich, the adopted Tea Party leaders, a joke. He said the movement has been hijacked by the very people it was protesting and is now obsessed with guns, gays, and God. Denninger explained how these leaders are dumbing down the movement.