The Alyona Show: Democracy and Afghanistan, Incompatible

Parliamentary elections are set to take place in Afghanistan this weekend. But in the weeks leading up to these elections candidates have been murdered, kidnapped and threatened by the Taliban and voters have been warned not to go to the polls. Yet US officials still say these elections are a sign of progress and that the war is on the right track. How can this be a success? Malou Innocent, a foreign policy analyst at the Cato Institute explained that he election is more complicated than it seems, arguing that we need to look at the realities on the ground to better shape our policies.

Next, RT correspondent Kristine Frazao has the details on the Valued Voters Summit where Palin, Huckabee and Bachmann are rallying for emphasis to be taken away from unemployment and the economy and putting into "values.” Despite the fact that America has been plagued with poverty, the Christian right don’t think we should spend all of our time worrying about the less fortunate. Instead they propose that lawmakers move their efforts towards "values”. Frazao said the group is calling to bring God back into schools and ban gay marriages. She explained that the summit might just be a turning point for the Tea Party to begin taking on more social issues.

Then, how would you sum up the state of our economy? One of the world’s richest and most influential investors and philanthropists, George Soros, said the US economy was simply “Blah.” There’s 43 million Americans now living in poverty and when you have George Soros not seeing any light, where do you go from there? Business Insider’s Gregory White said that Soros doesn’t envision a double dip but it is still bad. White explained that the desperate state of the middle class is leaving many behind.

Thanks to a new bill, Michigan could become the first state to drug test drivers roadside and they only need probable cause. Currently, officers who want to test drivers for drugs have to get a search warrant to take a blood sample, which is then tested by state crime labs. Is this a progressive step to take dangerous drivers off the road or a way to give cops more power? Radio host Adam Kokesh of ‘Adam vs The Man’ argued that the current laws in place aren’t created in our best interest. Instead we need to hold ourselves responsible rather than giving the government a way to generate money.

And, Latin bombshell Ines Sainz was covering an NFL game, where she went into the Jets locker room to get an interview with the quarterback when the players reportedly whistled and catcalled. So was she asking for it or are the football players at fault? Alyona argued, just because you’re hot doesn’t mean you’re asking for harassment. RT producer Jenny Churchill on the other hand said that she was not dressed or presenting herself professionally and did not need to be in the locker room.