The Alyona Show: DC: New Faces, Same System

The revolving door in Washington, DC never seems to stop and House Republican leaders have already put together a list of experienced Washington hands to help fill top staff positions for newly elected leaders. Jake Brewer, an open government strategist and advocate said people are frustrated with Obama for not changing the system.

And, the world recently came one step closer to a massive nuclear accident. Until a former US Air Force launch officer tweeted about it, no one knew that over the weekend launch control officers at an Air Force Base in Wyoming lost communication and monitoring capabilities for 50 intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles. This happened even though the safety and security of nuclear weapons is supposed to be a priority for the Obama administration.

LimeWire, the file sharing software, is dead after a judge ruled that their users committed a substantial amount of copyright infringement and damages to the music industry that amounted to over $1 billion dollars. Casey Rae-Hunter with the Future of Music Coalition joined us and discussed what’s next for the industry.

And, incarceration rates have skyrocketed and democracy itself could be to blame. Reason Magazine's Radley Balko explained how our criminal justice system is simply infused with too much democracy.

So, is this the death of the political sex scandals? Not many Americans seem to care anymore and are very forgiving. Is this shift in attitudes a march away from our prudish nature, a more liberal tone when it comes to sex? Lilit Marcus, the editor-in-chief of drew the line between personal life and taking advantage of voters.

Then, Conservative comedian Brad Stine answers the big question: Where are all the funny conservatives, the right leaning Jon Stewart’s and Tina Fey’s? Are they just not that funny? Stine argued the media doesn’t give these comedians the opportunity to get out there because they know they’ll dominate.