The Alyona Show: DC Assault Rifle Drive-by

Four people are dead after a drive-by shooting just miles from the White House. Even though an AK-47 was used to open fire on a group of people, the story didn't make national news. Is the US media desensitized to violence? Georgetown Professor of Journalism Christopher Chambers weighs in.

A DC-based copyright group has filed anti-piracy lawsuits that target over 20,000 people. Could you be the next movie down-loader to be targeted? Lauren Lyster and James Love from Knowledge Ecology International discuss the lawsuits.

Democrats are reeling as President Obama expands offshore drilling. So what was his motive? Was this a political move, and will it hurt more than it helps? Lauren Lyster and Thom Hartmann discuss.

A new UN report shows that Afghanistan is now the world's largest producer of hash. Is the US military turning a blind eye to farmers growing a cash crop for the Taliban? Marina Portnaya explains Afghanistan's hash industry.

The Koran never forbids nudity, so why is Islamoeroticism being attacked by religious leaders? Many of the artists are women, so what are the artists’ goals and why are they being seen as offensive? Anushay Hossain from the blog Anushay's Point explains why this art is not offensive, but the name is.