The Alyona Show: Counting Down to Zero

A world without nuclear weapons; what a thought. Lawrence Bender, producer of the documentary "Countdown to Zero," explains that the New START Treaty will keep our country safer. He describes President Barack Obama’s leadership and effort. But the question still remains, how long it will take before all nuclear weapons will be eliminated.

Then, this is not your ordinary death penalty debate. A Virginia woman is scheduled to be executed for using sex and money to persuade two men to kill her husband and stepson in order to collect a life insurance policy. This would be the first US execution of a woman in five years. Alyona brings in radio host Thom Hartmann, who explains that because the criminal is a woman, people are more concerned about the issue. He debates with Dudley Sharp, who is pro-death penalty.

There is no light in sight for this struggling US economy. According to a report by the Commerce Department, economic growth slowed sharply in the spring, only showing a modest 2.4 percent growth. As the US economy is slowing down, other countries are passing it by. China has officially overcome Japan to become the world's second largest economy. Is the US taking a serious downward turn? RT correspondent Lauren Lyster explains that the situation in the US economy is a result of bad policy and says that the government isn’t doing enough.

Then, the unemployed are fighting back. They have been called lazy and dumb by lawmakers and now they’re lobbying for their cause and for benefit extensions. Robert Curtis, representative of the 99ers, a group of people who have been unemployed or underemployed for 73 to 99 weeks, explains how some unemployed have committed suicide. The unemployed are gaining strength in growing numbers and ready to take on the midterm elections this fall.

And, an unbelievable statement from a conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, who recently took aim at President Obama and all unmarried women who voted for him. Alyona takes on Schlafly, who has a history of being against anything for women.

Later, Rep. Anthony Weiner (Democrat-New York) went ballistic at the GOP for killing the bill that would have paid billions of dollars in compensation and health care to 9/11 first responders. Why would they reject help to America's heroes? Alyona talks to a Ken George, a 9/11 search and rescue volunteer who has suffered several medical conditions from his work. George explains just how important this bill is for the heroes of America.

Finally, the Obama Administration is giving the FBI access to any emails and web history of someone deemed necessary to an investigation. Alyona is upset with how the administration went about it and is moving to cement the atrocious Bush policies as the norm of American power.