The Alyona Show: Columbus Day Honoring a Murderer

The real history of Columbus is a story that you most likely didn’t learn about in school. The story of Columbus the slave trader of the Americas, where under his watch, genocide took place, and within 50 years, not a single original native inhabitant could be found on the island of Hispaniola. Wanbli Tate is the Chapter Advisor for the Central Texas American Indian Movement and the Elder Advisor for Santa Barbara American Indian Movement, he explained how people are caught up in the myth of Christopher Columbus the hero rather than the man that committed inhuman acts.

And, it looks like the Tea Party is no longer just a grassroots movement with attendees having no problem shoveling out the dough, to support the cause and not caring to know where the big money is coming from for the events, slogans, and speakers. Gavrielle Gemma, an Organizer for the Bail Out the People Movement explained how think tanks are feeding sound bites to people like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and how corporations are funding these right-wing movements.

While President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were trying to energize voters at the "Move America Forward" rally in Philadelphia a streaker stole the show. Juan James Rodriguez stripped down and ran in front of the stage, with across his chest, trying to win the million dollars offered by the world class prankster and billionaire Alki David. David sais this prank is one of many pranks of high caliber we can expect.

Then, The New York Times wrote an extensive and scathing piece documenting the last three years of Chicago Tribune's parent, Tribune Co. detailing how it became to resemble a frat house with pervasive sex talk, poker parties and juke boxes. Christopher Cambers, a Georgetown University Professor and Author of the blog Nat Turners Revenge, explained why the NYT had the right to attack the frat house scene if all the research is accurate as claimed.

And, NYC has a shocking wealth gap with thousands of people living in poverty, some sleeping on the streets. On the other hand you have a few select people who look at The Big Apple as their playground, where money is not an issue. Anastasia Churkina explained that recently homelessness has become more visual. She discussed the new statistics that reveal the wealth divide in NYC between the rich and poor is now greater than in the entire country of India.