The Alyona Show: China Sets an Example

US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has some advice for Europe: Act like China. That's right, Geithner said that the world can no longer depend on the US consumer alone to drive the global economy. Quite the opposite, Americans need to tighten their belts and focus on savings, while the Chinese are enacting reforms to make sure that domestic demand grows. Does this mean that China is now the world's economic leader? Alyona discusses with Gregory White from the Business Insider.

The Obama Administration released its National Security Strategy. The 52-page text can be looked at as both a repudiation and a continuation of Bush policies. While addressing the decade-long battle with extremism, and the need to continue fighting it, the Obama administration also turned inward and said that economic strength is key to maintaining global influence. The document also focuses on the importance of international partnerships, while addressing domestic terrorism as a rising threat. So what do we make of this document as a whole? Could it be called a lack of strategy? Alyona discuses with James Poulos, the Managing Editor of Ricochet.

Then, tensions between North and South Korea continue to rise. Kim Jong Il put his military forces on alert, and the South Korean military held exercises. But do is war really coming? While US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the US backs South Korea, it seems like the push is for a new set of sanctions rather than military action. And discussions began at the UN as to what the next step should be. Alyona gets the details from RT New York correspondent Marina Portnaya.

Later, for years, Chicago has been a city where the populace supported a gun ban, but attitudes are changing, and when a police officer was gunned down last week, it may have been the final straw. Now residents are calling for the end to a gun ban so that can protect themselves on the streets. Usually cries for gun rights are related to Americans living in less populated, rural communities, but this time it's the black population in one of the most populated cities in the US calling for more guns. What does a shift from small towns to large urban centers mean? Alyona discuses with Master Sergeant James Hanson from the Warrior Legacy Foundation.

Finally, in case you didn't know, May is National Jewish Heritage Month. Started by George W. Bush in 2006, the Obama administration will hold the first ever reception honoring it. And on the guest list are not the typical Jewish community leaders but rather American Jews who have made contributions in the arts, music, sports, the space program and other fields. But some people are asking if this is an attempt to make nice with the Jewish community, while ties with Israel continue to deteriorate. Alyona discusses with Graham Wisner, Counsel at Patton Boggs.