The Alyona Show: Child soldier on trial at Gitmo

How will the first Gitmo trial, prosecuting the first potential child soldier, affect President Obama's legacy? Has Google gone evil? Also, how is it possible that Afghan civilian casualties are up by twenty-five percent if the Taliban and NATO forces are working diligently to avoid civilian deaths? And should we be allowed to film police?

Canadian Omar Khadr is the first Guantanamo detainee to face the revamped military tribunals under the Obama administration. Khadr, now 23, but captured at age 15 by US troops in Afghanistan is set for trial on Tuesday. Devon Chaffee from the Human Rights First Advocacy Counsel Law and Security Program said the story of Guantanamo is one of avoiding international obligations and to avoid the jurisdictions of US courts. Chaffee explaind why these military commissions are problematic.

Looking to the internet, will the new Verizon-Google deal, proposing a tiered Internet with premium services available, change the internet as we know it? The deal includes "premium services" that would require an additional fee to receive unrestricted high speed access to your favorite web pages, while everything else could be accessed only on the regular open network. Net neutrality campaigner, Jason Rosenbaum highlights a huge loophole in the deal that would mean wireless Internet wouldn’t apply to this form of net neutrality and he discusses how the FCC has the power to block this ‘evil deal.’

In Afghanistan civilian casualties are up, but how is this possible if the Taliban and NATO forces are working diligently to avoid civilian deaths? The high numbers of civilians killed in Afghanistan are a grim reminder that the war in Afghanistan continues. According to a new report from the UN the number of civilians killed in the Afghan conflict in the first six months of the year rose thirty-one percent compared with the same period a year ago. RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya in New York explained how more foreign troops are leading to more deaths; including an increase in deaths of young Afghan women and children.

The police are watching you, but you cannot watch back! Civilians have been arrested and put on trial in a number of US states for videotaping on-duty police officers. Reason Magazine's Radley Balko explains how the police expect citizens to trust them despite cases like Oscar Grant. Balko said the government is increasingly watching people and are increasing aggressive in prosecuting those who watch back.

The economy is still down and unemployment is on a rise. Now, there is yet another case of a suicide. A 99er (individual unemployed for 99 weeks or more) from Staten Island stabbed his girlfriend and two children, and then ended his own life. It's another sign that many Americans are starting to lose it. It’s difficult to hear that the only places that aren't suffering are those with government and military jobs, including Washington, DC, Virginia Beach, and San Antonio, Texas. Robert Curtis, political representative and advocate for the 99ers, called on Senator Harry Reid to bring Congress back from recess to pass new legislation. He spoke about the anticipated 99ers rally on Wall Street saying if the government can help the banks than they can help the American people.