The Alyona Show: Capitalism Saved Miners?

 The Wall Street Journal's Daniel Henninger wrote in an article that the Chilean mine rescue was nothing more than a smashing victory for capitalism. He said thanks to the Center Rock drill bit, created by a small private company in Pennsylvania, thanks to a flexible, fiber-optic communications cable from Japan and a high strength cable winding around the wheel at the top the rescue was a made possible. And, all innovations were created by companies whose sole purpose was to make money and that was was the reason the miners were rescued. Anthony Randazzo, the director of economic research at the Reason Foundation explained how free trade saved the miners and how we would never have been able to do so years ago.

Then, the government keeps rewarding contracts to private security firms like Blackwater despite the murder, fraud, drugs, and prostitutes, as if there's no one else available to do the job. But it turns out earlier this year the Army awarded a contract to the University of Pennsylvania where famed psychologist Martin Seligman, whose theory in many ways was the inspiration for the CIA's interrogation program during the Bush administration, currently works. Mark Benjamin, an investigative reporter with explains the bases of the CIA’s torture process that was inspired by Seligman.

Taylor Momsen, an actress slash wannabe rock star just turned seventeen and is posing scantily clad with guns on the cover of Revolver Magazine. Is this how the entertainment world functions? Just like Miley Cyrus who was sweet once too, but now we're forced to watch her gyrate on stage. So is something wrong with our society, that this is becoming normal? Cris Clapp Logan, the director of communications and congressional relations at Enough Is Enough argued that she’s setting a horrible example for children as a miner dressed provocatively talking about pornography.

Also, labor unions anywhere else would put up a fight for the sake of their working class but here in the US the capitalist mentality has taken over the country, leaving union leaders ineffective. Joshua Culling, the state affairs aanager for Americans for Tax Reform argued unions are currently still powerful and fund a lot of the Democratic Party. Mike Elk, a labor journalist and contributing editor for In These Times explained that labor unions are doing a good job killing themselves.

And finally, Comedian Smith gave his Two Cents on Sarah Palin’s new TLC show as another excuse to make money for merely spending time with her family to Rich Whitney, the Green Candidate’s typo on the ballot. And of course there are the bombing illegal immigrant campaign ads that have everyone talking.