The Alyona Show: Calderon and the Cartels

 Since Calderon took office in 2006, nearly 24,000 Mexican lives have been lost in the drug war. Mexican cartels are the main source of marijuana, methamphetamine, and the main conduit for cocaine reaching the US. The US is giving $1.3 billion in military and judicial aid to the country, but nothing seems to be improving. Quite the opposite, the violence is only getting worse. And now, recent reports would suggest that the Mexican government is directly involved, in the sense that they are playing favorites with the cartels. Alyona discuss the report with Sanho Tree, a Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies.

One of the stories that we now hear coming out of Afghanistan is that US and NATO troops have been discreetly turning to Afghan militias in fighting the Taliban as General Stanley McChrystal has put increasing pressure to let Afghan units lead raids and bear the brunt of the fighting, to limit US deaths. Alyona catches up with contractor and blogger Tim Lynch to see if this story has any weight.

Then, plans for missile defense systems have been a hot topic, to say the least, for years now. The Obama Administration scrapped the Bush Administration's plans for defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic, but then they replaced them with new plans, promising that this time, the technology is in place. Well, according to two scientists, Theodore Postol and George Lewis, that couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, they say the plans are based on a technical myth, and that the SM-3 interceptors, out of 10 tests, didn't hit the target 8 or 9 times. Alyona talks to Theodore Postol to discuss what he thinks is wrong with Obama's plan.

Finally, the results from the May 18 primaries proved that the anti-incumbent sentiment really can follow through to the polls. Pennsylvania's Arlen Specter is out after a 30 year career, Arkansas's Blanche Lincoln is in trouble, and Tea Party-backed Rand Paul would be a very new face for Washington. So will November be scarier for Republicans than they think? Alyona discusses with Christopher Malagisi, the President of the Young Conservatives Coalition.