The Alyona Show: Are People Giving Up?

 The US unemployment rate fell in June from 9.7 percent to 9.5 percent. Private employers added 83,000 jobs in June, more than double the rate in May. Overall, employers shed 125,000 jobs in June, many of these jobs including employment from the Census Bureau. RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster joins Alyona to discuss the figures and the reasons behind them.

The International Spy Museum opened in 2002 in Washington DC and is hugely popular tourist destination in the nation's capital. The Alyona Show took to the streets of DC to ask why people are so fascinated with spies and found that most people would be spies if they could.

The alleged Russian illegal agents have been in courthouse hearings the past two days in both New York and Arlington. RT Correspondents Dina Gusovsky and Anastasia Churkina were in attendance at these hearings, and have the latest details on what new information was revealed in court.

Then, a new theory says bros probably make more money than you. The reason they make more money is because many of them go into finance. Alyona asks Gregory White from Business Insider what it means to be a bro and what happens when bro culture infiltrates Wall Street.

Later, July 3 marks the anniversary of Iran Air Flight 655, an Iranian civilian airliner with 290 passengers and crew aboard that was brought down over the Strait of Hormuz by a US Navy guided missile in 1988. RT Correspondent Jihan Hafiz has joins Alyona with the story.

And then Alyona talks to Christopher Ryan, author of “Sex at Dawn: Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality.” Are we really meant to be with one man or woman for our entire life? And is monogamy really meant for everyone?

Finally, in this week’s Slutsky brother mash-up, we have special cars made for the blind to drive, airlines offering tickets for $6 as long as you stand the whole time and find out what Sarah Palin is telling the tea partiers. Matt and Peter Slutsky the Co-Founders of Double Speak Media join Alyona to hash it out.