The Alyona Show: America’s youth: A lost generation?

Unemployment has hit hard for the young people in America. People ages 18 to 24 are having a tougher time than ever before finding a job, and they feel like they're being overlooked by the government. A new report says youth unemployment has reached its highest level on record, and it’s only expected to increase through 2010. Will this create a lost generation of young people who have dropped out of the labor market? Anthony Randazzo, director of economic research for Reason Foundation, explains the US and global governments need to look at the effectiveness of their stimulus spending plans.

While the job numbers shake, conflict continues in Iraq and Afghanistan. Is the U.S. Military fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq fighting a Christian Crusade? A mass baptism took place at Camp Pendleton, where marines prepare to fight the Taliban. Jihadist’s web sites used this story as proof that the US is indeed fighting a holy war against them. Founder of Vets For Rethinking Afghanistan Jake Diliberto says, there’s a huge trend of Christian beliefs in the military framework. He also explained that the Pentagon is the one to blame for not stepping up and stating that the US is not a Christian army.

The Taliban have also entered a new medium; video games. The latest Medal of Honor video game gives you the option to play as a member of the Taliban and kill coalition soldiers. RT’s own Ms. Middle America, Jenny Churchill, argued that we are in a real war and whether you support it or not, she finds this game unpatriotic and offensive.

On the jobs and discrimination front, there is a group of people in America that are often overlooked. The transgender community has been facing a hard time finding work, but it’s not only because of the economy/ Harper Jean Tobin, Policy Counsel for the National Center for Transgender Equality, says it’s legal to discriminate against transgender people in the work place in thirty-eight states. Harper explains the misconceptions that exist.

And, it’s Friday! Comedian Seaton Smith is here with his 2Cents on the latest in out there news. Smith’s takes on everything from everything Bill O'Reilly attacking Jennifer Aniston to a study that says women would rather forgo sex than add on an extra pound and to Dr. Laura Schlessinger and her racist rant.