The Alyona Show: America's Bubble Barons

 A search has begun inside America to identify those who profited heavily from the recent housing and financial crisis. It used to be easy to point the finger at those who collected vast sums of money while the rest of America struggled to put food on the table, today however, that’s not the case. Kevin Connor has begun a national campaign to identify these modern day American culprits, and he’s with Alyona live in studio.

Ambassador Thomas Graham joins Alyona live in studio to debate the merits of the START treaty. Will the United States be able to pass domestic laws allowing the treaty to move forward, and will the Russians join while America stands firm on it’s anti-ballistic missile program in Eastern Europe?

Then, as America continues to post a record deficit and banks still partake in risky asset trading, the question remains, can the United States continue risky spending or does the culture need to reign itself in? Gregory White of the Business Insider joins Alyona from New York to discuss.

A Supreme Court case pits a humanitarian group looking to provide human rights training to Kurds in Turkey, against the US government. Constitutional lawyer and ACLU Foundation Director in southern California, Stephen Rohde, joins Alyona from LA to argue that the U.S. government is unlawfully prosecuting people for helping designated terrorist groups move towards peaceful objectives.