The Alyona Show: Americans lose patience with Obama

Is this the road to recovery? In a speech in Ohio, US President Barack Obama assured Americans that "slowly but surely, we are moving in the right direction. We are on the right track." He also asked for patience, but how much patience can Americans really have? Mike Elk, labor journalist and contributing editor for In These Times, explains that the president hasn’t done enough in addressing three key issues. Nicki Kurokawa, Director of Research Analysis at the Winston Group says there’s so much uncertainty in the market and how Obama has been talking but there hasn’t been enough materializing.

Then, Rep. Barney Frank (Democrat-Massachusetts) and Rep. Ron Paul (Republican-Texas) need to be commended for trying to take a realistic approach to cutting down defense spending. They support the reduction of overseas US bases, especially in wealthy countries where they're clearly not needed, like Japan and parts of Western Europe. The US has almost 800 bases abroad. How necessary is that? 

The number of Sovereign Citizens, who don't pledge an allegiance to any government, is growing fast. A new report paints them as a dangerous force, linking them to several murders of police officers, profiling key leaders, and describing one third of their followers as hardcore adherents. Sovereign Citizen Curtis Nixon explains what this group of people is all about.

Later, a government-subsidized public housing program that has been around since the Great Depression is in danger of disappearing. The initiative has partially gone into effect here in Washington, DC. Rev. Anthony Evans, president of the National Black Church Initiative, says what has taken place in the District has been criminal. He explains there’s no affordable housing in the city because the poor have never been able to catch up to the housing market.

And finally, Snooki, the new American icon phenomenon is everywhere; even President Obama knows who she is. Alyona asks syndicated radio host Ralphie Aversa if Snooki's fame is making her the new US ambassador to the world. Aversa says there are many parts of American culture and TV phenomenon that can make this country look bad.