The Alyona Show: American shadow war

Pat Tillman is perhaps the only recognizable name from the war in Afghanistan, a name the Bush administration used to sell a hero story and gain more support for an unpopular war. The documentary The Tillman Story opens as support for the war in Afghanistan continues to dwindle, and it's likely the release isn't going to do much for morale, even as the war passes more and more into the hands of contractors. Tim Shorrock investigative journalist and labor activist explains this secret war in the shadows

Then, apparently today it takes people in their 20’s longer to grow-up. Unemployed, casual sex and living at home has become a common theme these days. A New York Times piece, "What Is It About 20-Somethings," has the blogosphere ablaze. The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson explains how the US is becoming a part-time nation and says that the government needs to step in.

Would you streak naked in front of Obama for a $1 million? British billionaire and world-class prankster Alki David is paying cash for the person who will. All the person has to do is write Alki’s website, Battlecam, across his or her belly. The site that offers thousands of dollars for people to broadcast their outrageous stunts live and David believes that this stunt is the best way to attract alot of attention for his venture.

And, the oil spill wasn’t as bad as we all thought? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says most of the oil in the Gulf had disappeared and Obama’s energy and climate advisor says more than three quarters of it was gone. But, it turns out this could all be a cover-up; this report was actually released before it had gone through full scientific review. Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones environmental reporter, says three-quarters of the oil is still out there and explains what information is missing.

Finally, the Mainstream Media’s overwhelming coverage of the last combat brigade rolling out of Iraq has misled people into thinking that the war is over. The Pentagon and the Obama administration haven't called the Iraq War over and rightly so. There are still 56,000 American troops left and thousands of contractors that are not only left but have yet to arrive. Additinally, people are still losing their lives. And get this; Wikipedia says the war ended on August 19, 2010. This war isn’t over until every American soldier is out!