The Alyona Show: American Oil Addicts

As all the BP drama takes over the television screens, and everyone awaits Obama's Oval Office speech, the question no one wants to address is whether the crisis will cause America to end it's oil addiction. . Will Americans ever be able to change their ways? Here to discuss with Alyona is William Yeatman, energy policy analyst on the energy and global warming team at the Competitive Enterprise Institute; Courtney Hight, a director at Energy Action Coalition and RT correspondent Lauren Lyster.

Many would say that the US, as a country, is waging a Judeo-Christian war on Islam. The Obama administration has been careful to change the wording from violent war on Islamic extremism, to just violent extremism, taking any religious reference out completely, and referencing Al Qaeda. But is that just politically correct, and yet not really accurate? Alyona talks to Afghanistan veteran Jake Diliberto, and asks him if he thinks that we're fighting a black and white religious war, between Islam and Christianity, or Judeo-Christianity.

Then, it's another campaign ad that's over the top! It's called "Gather Your Armies" and it comes from Rick Barber, who is running for Congress in Alabama. But in all seriousness, gather your army? Is he for real? This guy considers himself a patriot, but what if we flipped the tables and this ad were to come from a democrat? Better yet, a black democrat? Well here to discuss this and a range of other stories verging on the ridiculous is comedian Seaton Smith.

Finally, North Korea is threatening military action in response to a UN led investigation of the sinking of a South Korean warship. The North Korean ambassador to the UN made the following statement: “If the Security Council releases any document against us, condemning us or questioning us, I myself can do nothing, but follow-up measures will be carried out by our military forces.” Harsh words, but do they hold any bite? Alyona talks to RT New York Correspondent Marina Portnaya.