The Alyona Show: America: Land of the Poor?

 You would think with a staggering 43 million people living in poverty in the US, that this would have gotten a massive response from politicians, especially during an election year. But instead, for some reason, Washington is largely silent. Christopher Chambers, a Georgetown University professor and author of the blog Nat Turner's Revenge, said the poor don’t have a popular voice to help them fight and Nicki Kurokawa, the director of research analysis at The Winston Group explained how welfare programs in place today simply do not provide the right incentives to help people.

Next, the 65th Annual UN General Assembly is underway, but are the goals of achieving everything from better health care to ensuring environmental sustainability obtainable within the next few years? Presidents and Prime Ministers have gathered on the 10th anniversary of the Millennium Development Goals, a set of 8 anti-poverty and global health targets set by world leaders in 2000 with a 2015 deadline. RT Correspondent Anastasia Churkina explained how the global financial crisis has slowed down the UN’s efforts to achieve these goals.

Then, frankenfish or the first genetically modified salmon could be hitting food stores near you. The FDA is considering the approval of the first genetically modified animal for human consumption, a fast growing Atlantic salmon. This fish combines the genes of a salmon with that of an eel allowing the fish to grow faster than it would naturally. But is it safe? And is the FDA making a massive experiment of the entire US population? Jeffrey M. Smith, author of “Seeds of Deception” and “Genetic Roulette,” explained that the FDA is fast tracking the approval and are not looking at all of the safety risks.

Is seems like Americans are being held hostage politically, with the same two options every election year, minimizing the possibilities of change to whoever the lesser evil seems to be. A new Gallup poll shows 58% of Americans believe a third major political party is needed because the Republican and Democratic Parties are doing a poor job of representing the people. Matt Welch, the editor-in-chief of Reason Magazine, explained that the democrats and republicans are losing market share, and it is creating a strong urge for independents. Welch said the whole system is structured to prevent a third party, but there is hope in today’s dynamic society.

And, fracking, the process used by energy companies drill for natural gas has caused people to get sick from contaminated water sources. Those speaking out against fracking are now being monitored by the Department of Homeland Security in Pennsylvania. RT Correspondent Kristine Frazao talks about a town in Pennsylvania where they no longer clean drinking water and their houses have become worth nothing.