The Alyona Show: America, exporter of terrorism

Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks joins us to discuss WikiLeaks' latest document. The document exposes the fact that United States has a rich history of exporting terrorism abroad and the CIA is scared the rest of the world will find out. Cenk and Alyona wonder whether this is a consequence or benefit of American freedom.

Then, death row prisoner Troy Anthony Davis was convicted for the 1989 killing of an off-duty police officer. There was no physical evidence to prove him guilty and some witnesses who originally identified him as the murderer have since recanted. But nevertheless, a federal judge in Georgia has rejected Davis' claims of innocence. Christopher Chambers, Georgetown University professor and author of the blog Nat Turners' Revenge, discusses the criminal justice system's flaws and gives some ways it can be fixed.

Your airport travels are about to get more invasive. If you decline to pass through those revealing body scanners, you'll then be screened by a TSA agent with the new "enhanced patdown." Screeners will use their palms and they are not worried about those sensitive areas. Sounds like groping or fondling. Can't you get arrested for that?

And, in Congo, rebels rape women and children approximately 20 miles away from UN peacekeeping troops. Rwandan rebels had occupied the Congolese town of Luvungi for four days, looting local homes and gang-raping women and children. Dex Torricke-Barton, International Security Analyst for the United Nations, explains that peacekeepers have implemented security but changes will have to be made, such as adding more troops on the ground. He says the UN isn’t the villain, the rebels are to blame.

Then, US appetites are growing out of control! Get ready to loosen your belt, because new products like KFC's Double Down, and Burger King's upcoming pizza burger are taking America by storm. The FDA released new guidelines requiring calorie information to be posted in all restaurant chains and vending machines. Sarah B. Smith, Vice President of the Young Conservatives Coalition, says these decisions need to be met at the local level, that when they move to the government level, bureaucracy gets out of control. But Allison Kilkenny, blogger and co-host of Citizen Radio, argues there’s only so much that can be done on the local level when facing a health epidemic.

And, the LA Police Department looked to the U.S military for their latest toy. Wired's Danger Room says the US military has been trying to incorporate a heat ray gun into its operations in Afghanistan. They decided against using heat guns on Afghan civilians, but the Los Angeles Sherriff's Department didn’t object when it came to using in American prisons.

Finally, Erik Prince and his private security firm Xe (AKA: Blackwater) are facing continuing legal battles, but Prince has run off to Abu Dhabi. Attorney Susan Burke isn’t letting him off the hook that easy. She went after him to give him the deposition. Her colleague Susan Sajadi, who is representing two former whistleblower employees, explains how they finally got Prince on this trip and served him with the deposition. She explains why Prince may have left.