The Alyona Show: Alyona Protests with The Young Turks

With an overwhelming 12 to 2 vote, the UN Security Council passed a fourth round of sanctions against Iran today. But despite the months of negotiations that it took to get here, what will these sanctions really mean for the country? RT's New York Correspondent Marina Portnaya joins Alyona with the details.

There's a debate over whether the sanctions are too weak, or too strong. And most importantly, what their effects will be, especially if we take Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's words into account that these sanctions will stop all negotiations over Iran's nuclear program. Could that bring us to war? George Lopez, a senior fellow at the United States Institute of Peace, and Jamal Abdi, the policy director for the National Iranian American Council, discuss with Alyona.

Then, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks held a protest in front of the Treasury building to tell Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner that the American people want their money back from Goldman Sachs, all $12.9 billion worth, and that it's his job to get it for them. Despite the rain, spirits were high and the chants were creative. After the protest, Alyona caught up with Cenk to get a clearer picture of what this was really all about for him.

Later, news came out that the infamous contracting firm, Blackwater (aka Xe), is up for sale. Owner Eric Prince claims the decision is because "performance doesn't matter, politics does," and with such a tainted name, it's getting harder to find people that want to be associated with the firm. Alyona asks Tim Lynch from Free Range International in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, how much a name really matters for the men that are working for these firms abroad. Do they feel the negative press as well?

And finally, it's fair to say that anytime a company comes under heavy fire and goes into crisis mode, one of the first moves they make is to hire an all star PR team. And BP actually hired Dick Cheney's former press secretary to be their spokeswoman. But it seems that BP's PR attempts have only backfired. What exactly is BP doing wrong? Or, is this a situation that no company can talk their way out of? Alyona talks to PR expert Brian Dobson who focuses on crisis management.