The Alyona Show: Alleged Russian Agents Take NY

The story of the alleged Russian secret agents is all over the place, and RT correspondent Anastasia Churkina was outside the courthouse in New York when the suspects were arraigned. She discusses with Alyona how these illegal agents were seemed to be living normal lives. Churkina also adds that the agents are receiving a greater punishment for money laundering than for espionage.

One female spy has caught the eye of the media, the "Femme Fatale," Anna Champan. Other information released on these spies include details on a couple who some say were the embodiment of suburbia, with a mastery of hydrangeas. Another spy includes a Peruvian journalist who wrote anti-American opinion pieces. RT producer Lucy Kafanov joins Alyona with all the juicy gossip.

The notion of Russian spies is enough to bring Cold War jokes back in an instant. How will this end up affecting US President Barack Obama and his greatest foreign policy achievement to date? Here to discuss this with Alyona is Jeffrey Manber, a commercial space pioneer and the only American to be an official part of the Russian space corporation RSC Energia during its privatization. Manber talks about being stuck in the Cold War mentality and the role the media is playing.

Then, since the release of journalist Michael Hastings’ article in Rolling Stone, which ultimately cost General Stanley McChrystal his job, there has been a debate among journalists. Alyona asks, was Hastings right or wrong in adding in the "trash talk" that he overheard into his article? Is that true, un-objective reporting, "real journalism"? Is the face of journalism changing? Glenn Greenwald from weights in to discuss the role of media and explains how people in power need the media.

Finally, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent over $100 million on his last election. Meg Whitman, a current candidate for governor in California, has already passed the $80 million mark, and November is still months away. This year's Supreme Court ruling, which removed limits on corporate spending, could take the numbers higher than ever. Alyona discuses the powerful role money plays in elections with Green Party Citizen-Organizer Daryl Northrop.