The Alyona Show: Al-Qaeda back in Iraq? Islamophobia the new red scare?

Al-Qaeda is already working its way back into the pockets of Iraqi's. According to the Guardian, al-Qaeda has begun enticing former Sunni allies to rejoin their forces, by paying them more than they currently receive from the government. What can we make of a US departure and of Petraeus' strategy, if everything goes back to the way it was seven years ago? Does it prove that money, not the promises of democracy, is what really wins hearts and minds? Lawrence Wilkerson, retired Army Colonel and former chief of staff to Colin Powell told us the Iraqi people actually don’t want al-Qaeda there.

On the home front, American Muslims are facing rising Islamophobia from their fellow Americans. Why is the US is caught up in this fear and who is fueling the xenophobic attitude. Politicians are using the peoples' fears to their advantage, and making them worse. It's almost as if Islamophobia has become the new communism, the new red scare. Hani Madhoun blogger at Kabobfest debated with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser President and Founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy who says political Islam is radical Islam.

And Robert Gibbs has stirred up some controversy among the “professional left” after he said they should be drug tested for drawing comparisons between President Obama and George Bush. But why does Gibbs gets off easy and gets to keep his job, when people like Shirley Sherrod have been let go. Sara Benincasa, a radio host and blogger for Wonkette explained how Gibbs losing his mind looked more like something you would have seen from the political right.

Then, the Federal Reserve says the economy is in trouble, so is this confirmation that we are doomed? The Fed admitted the recovery has slowed, does this mean it’s time to panic? Gregory White from Business Insider explains this sudden turn. He said the real concern is deflation but the Fed is not going to come out publically saying that they’re worried until they have a financial package ready. White said we’re going to be stalled in something terrible until the elections.

Rounding off the show is relationship expert Diana Falzone on everything from Snooki cozying up to Johan McCain, Eminem's new music video that has some claim glamorizes domestic violence and then there’s the CEO of HP who was mysteriously forced to resign – add former porn star and a sexual harassment suit to the mix.