The Alyona Show: Ahmadinejad Exclusive

As the frenzied media awaited more of his words to jump on, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad cancelled his press conference. But RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya had an exclusive, one on one interview with the Iranian leader. Alyona catches up with Marina to find out what he had to say.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner testified before the Senate Finance Committee to push the idea of a bank tax to recoup TARP funds. It would place a fee on financial institutions with more than $50 billion dollars in assets, which, at the end of the day, ends up being only 1 percent of banks in the US. Aside from Wall Street complaining that the tax would be unfair, senators pressed Geithner to confirm that if the tax was indeed put in place, the money would go towards paying down the deficit... a question which Geithner sidestepped. So is this bank tax a good idea, and are Geithner and Obama really serious about making Wall Street pay?

Then, in what seems to be an effort to give troops an incentive not to kill innocent civilians, NATO announced it they will be rewarding those troops, by recognizing them for showing "courageous restraint." Is something in this war going terribly wrong when soldiers need this kind of incentive to keep from killing people?

Later, it seems like DC is leading the way in legalizing medical marijuana. So if it does indeed become legal here in the nation's capitol...what does that mean for America's image? Alyona and MIke Meno, director of communications at the Marijuana Policy Project, discuss.

FInally, as other media outlets focus on the oily animals washed ashore in the aftermath of the massive Gulf Coast oil spill and the lost livelihoods of angry fisherman and shrimpers, we have to ask once again why no one is pointing fingers and questioning the politicians that support offshore drilling,