The Alyona Show: A National Lack of Intelligence

Dennis Blair, Obama's Director of National Intelligence, recently became the latest administration official to resign. And the word is that this wasn't exactly his decision. That thanks to turf battles with CIA director Leon Panetta, spats with Rahm Emanuel, and an unfortunate series of events from Fort Hood to Christmas Day to Times Square....everyone should have seen this coming. But what else could have made the Obama administration lose faith in their top US intelligence officer? Alyona discusses with Lawrence Wilkerson, The former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell.

Since Rand Paul won the Kentucky Republican US Senate primary, the media has been in a frenzy. Paul, a libertarian, doesn't believe the government should interfere with private businesses. But if it doesn't, how can it protect Americans against discrimination? Clearly, there are issues at hand here. Alyona discusses with RT Correspondent Dina Gusovsky.

Then, after months of debate, the Senate finally approved a financial reform bill. But the angry masses that want Wall Street to pay aren't exactly appeased. They say this bill is watered down and filled with loopholes that let the big firms off easy. So if you're wondering how that happened, you might want to blame the lobbyists. Alyona and RT Correspondent Kristine Frazao discuss.

Later, Douglas Hughes says if elected he would rid California of all pedophiles. Hughes has even set up a plan on his website to detail how the pedophiles would set up their own island. So Alyona decided to go to the man himself to see how he thinks a Pedophile Island would work out.

And, kids in America have always been told that the key to success is to go to college, get a degree, and then, the jobs would come. Well, kids in America today are getting a rude awakening, thanks in
great part to the recession, which is leaving them unemployed and in debt thanks to tuition fees. So a group of economists and educators is now pushing for a change. They're telling kids that skipping college might end up being the best decision they'll ever make. Alyona discusses with one of those professors, Robert Lerman, a professor of economics at American University.

Finally, we usually use this segment to discuss the week's top stories. This time, we're going to discuss what you could call the week's most bizarre stories:  7-year-olds dancing like strippers, condom sizes, sex phone lines as government jobs, you name it. Alyona discusses these stories and more with Matt and Peter Slutsky, the founders of DoubleSpeak Media.