Thanksgiving Hate?

This episode of “The Alyona Show” features an interview with D.C.-based Muslim rap group Native Deen about growing hate toward Muslims in America. At the end of the show, Native Deen performs in the studio. Then Alyona names the biggest political turkeys. Also, Alyona interviews Meagan Carberry for a prognosis of the 2010 elections and how the political parties are faring so far. New Mexico congressional candidate and Iraq war veteran Adam Kokesh discusses his views on the need to end the Federal Reserve.

A video from the state of Colorado features football star John Elway teaching Americans “8 Ways to Spot Terrorism,” and the result is more than comedic. Then, Alyona features a look at the test to become a naturalized citizen of the U.S. While the questions seem basic, many Americans on the street don’t even know the answers.