SOTU: Afghanistan, no biggie?!

­President Obama delivered his second State of the Union address and Michael Cohen discusses the issues he left out of his speech. Next, world leaders are making their annual pilgrimage to Davos for the World Economic Summit. RT's Laura Emmett has the latest. Then, a Pennsylvania judge thinks an 11-year-old should receive a sentence of life in prison without parole. Next, as 2.9 million houses are in foreclosure, we want to know exactly what the president plans to do about it. Business insider Joe Weisenthal talks foreclosures, unemployment and the rest of the factors included in the economic crisis. And Obama has chosen former RIAA lawyer Donald Verrilli Junio as the new solicitor general in DC. But what does his choice mean as far as copyright laws go in America? CNET's Declan McCullough weighs in.