The Alyona Show: Brzezinski - ‘NATO More Relevant Than Ever’

­As we head into the second day of the NATO Summit, RT's Lucy Kafanov reports live from Portugal on what the public can expect from NATO for the rest of the weekend. And, one of NATO’s major goals is to develop a new strategic concept, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council Ian Brzezinski, explains the elements he thinks will be included in the alliance's new concept. Next, evidence obtained through torture in Ahmed Ghailani’s trial evidence wasn’t used. So have civil libertarians lost out on shining a light on the Bush administrations unlawful actions? Director of the ACLU's National Security Project weighs in. Then, what if someone told you that all those medical studies you read are completely false! That's what one journalist says in his new book. And Wonkette’s Sara Benincasa weighs in on all of the craziest stories of the week.