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Obama the new “war” president?

This episode of “The Alyona Show” features a discussion of how the war in Afghanistan will affect President Barack Obama’s fate as a political leader. It seems his biggest supporters might be turning their backs. Then, Alyona asks why Americans are so obsessed with tearing down their favorite celebrities, as the Tiger Woods scandal dominates mainstream media.

With Dubai World collapsing in debt, is this a precursor for what may happen in other countries? Then, Alyona shows how police are using Facebook to catch underage drinking. Also, Alyona asks if the media is too unrealistic in the case of Amanda Knox, the American exchange student accused of murder.

Then, Alyona interviews Mike Masnick from Techdirt about another attempt to regulate the internet. Alyona also shines some light on the absurd spending habits of Washington’s politicians. A new iPhone App is in the works, and it is meant to help immigrants cross the US-Mexico border.