Obama sides with rich on taxes

­President Obama has announced a deal with Republicans on the Bush tax cuts that would extend the tax breaks for the top earning 1 percent of Americans for another two years. We take a look at the consequences for the US economy.

And, an all out cyber war has broken out over WikiLeaks. Hackers who are part of group called Operation Payback have already taken down Visa, MasterCard and the Swiss bank PostFinance because they cut off payment services to WikiLeaks.

Then, just two years after the American taxpayers bailed out Wall St., the titans of finance have rebounded right back into a life of luxury. RT’s Marina Portnaya gives you a look into their lifestyle.

Next, cities all over the US are cutting essential services like police and the fire department as revenues dry up. So when poverty rates and unemployment are on the rise, is making cuts to essential services really the right answer?

And, for the first time in history, a private company has successfully launched a spacecraft into orbit and then guided it back to Earth.