Monday Hangover: Is intervention ever good policy?

­Tonight we'll have our Monday Hangover panel talk: one year since the intervention in Libya, how Americans and Afghans view the massacre of civilians, and an executive order that President Obama signed on Friday. Bruce Fein and Jon Soltz will be on for that segment. Then, there were violence and arrests this past weekend as Occupiers celebrated six months since the movement began in Zuccotti Park. Looks like Occupy could be coming back, even more determined, for an American Spring. Alyona and Molly Knefel discuss.

And, CIA Director David Petraeus says that all the gadgets out there are changing our notions of identity and secrecy. Alyona talks to Christopher Soghoian about what they can't wait to get their hands on. And another dose of Happy Hour with Mike Riggs and Jenny Churchill.