Media creates fall of Saddam

­It turns out back in 2003 when Saddam Hussein's statue was brought down, that this event wasn’t as significant as we once thought it was. We'll look into the media's overreaction with former CNN correspondent Jamie McIntyre.
Also, some well-known conservatives attended a forum in Paris for a group that has been classified as a terrorist organization. Matthew Duss from American Progress weighs in. Then, with several examples of wrongful
imprisonment, is the US justice system unreliable? And, with a new year comes a new congress, which is filled with several Tea Party members. But will the outsiders who set out to change US politics just fall into line once they get to Washington? Finally, Goldman Sachs and Facebook are setting up a special purpose vehicle to allow their clients to invest in the social networking site, but is this just a slap in the face to the SEC?