Mainstream media flops on international terror

­Even though the airport bombing at Domodedovo just occurred, it seems as if the mainstream media has been jumping to many conclusions. Mark Adomanis discusses the media spin. Next, President Obama delivers his second State Of the Union address tonight. Will Obama remind us of the man who was elected two years ago or will he be bowing to whatever Republicans want? David Pakman weighs in. Then, how has abortion become a pressing issue right now? Shouldn't America's focus be on unemployment, the financial crisis, anything other than abortion? Radio host Allison Kilkenny joins the show.  Also, a private spy ring gathering intelligence in Afghanistan and Pakistan, funded not by the military but by private donors. Emptywheel blogger Marcy Wheeler explains. And, you could now take a trip around the moon for the bargain price of 150 million dollars. We’ll have all the details.