Unions Join Occupy Wall St.

­On this show we take a look at new economic figures that show that jobless claims this week went down reports claim this is a clear sign that we're not headed towards a double dip, but can we really say anything like that, when Europe's debt crisis is still unsolved? Then, the war of words between the US and Pakistan has now escalated to a US Senator suggesting a military attack. Are things worse than ever? Or is this just the same old political game between our two countries? Alyona discusses with Mike Riggs from Reason Magazine. And, we constantly document on this show, the erosions of our civil liberties under the Obama administration, but one legal scholar is arguing he's the most disastrous President for civil liberties in our history. Is that true? Mike Riggs will join us to hash it out. And on Happy Hour Mike Riggs is back to discuss Peta’s shark ad and outrage over a sexy chicken and much more with Alyona and RT Web Writer Andrew Blake.