Google vs Murdoch backroom deals?

Today the “Alyona Show” starts by looking at the latest Internet regulation news. Is Google losing the fight with Rupert Murdoch? Alyona talks to Peter Slutsky to try to sort out the new search rules. Then we try to figure out whether North Carolina is robbing Peter to pay Paul buy using federal money for unemployment. Next, Alyona takes a look at drastic differences in the way that states treat their sex offenders.

Is divorce any less damaging to sanctity of marriage than gay marriage? Alyona takes a look. Then, Afghanistan is obviously a hot topic this week. Alyona interviews Colin Powell’s former Chief of Staff, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, about whether or not the United States truly has an international coalition. Next, Alyona reveals the next domestic terrorist group. Who is it? The answer might surprise you -- they like cute cuddly animals. Then, Alyona interviews conservative blogger Dr. Melissa Clouthier about who really pulls the strings in the Republican Party.