GITMO ‘Won’t close in my lifetime’

­Today is Guantanamo Bay's 9th anniversary and even though Obama signed a bill to close the prison when he first came into office, two years later prisoners are still there. Lawrence Wilkerson discusses the anniversary.

And Gitmo protesters took to the streets of DC for the ninth year in a row, but are they discouraged?

Then, PFC Bradley has been held in solitary confinement here in the US, while Julian Assange’s conditions are far less extreme. Find out about these differences and why the media is only concentrating on Assange, and not Manning.

Also, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a surprise visit to Yemen, but should we interpret her visit as an end to the shadow wars, where the US finally comes out in the open about its relationship with Yemen? And are Chinese parents better than parents here in the US? A Wall Street Journal article argues that point, but is that really a fair statement to make about parenting?