Monday Hangover: Assad's "Days Numbered"?

Tonight we'll host our Monday Hangover panel and take a look at a number of foreign policy developments.

From Afghanistan's new special status, to Mitt Romney's foreign policy, and Obama's lethal presidency.

Then, a new report shows that wireless carriers had to comply with 1.3 million requests for your information from law enforcement last year.

But, how much more is out there that we're not being told about?

And, last week South Korea announced they want to lift their moratorium on whaling, which has drawn outcry from the international community, including the US. But our guest tonight from Whale Wars, Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson says the Obama administration has no room to speak.

We'll have all that and more for you tonight, including a dose of Happy Hour, but first, let's take a look at what the mainstream media decided to miss.