China Reaping Benefits of Afghan War?

This episode of The Alyona Show features a discussion about China along with America’s different approaches to Afghanistan.

In an interview with Christina Larson from Foreign Policy Magazine, Alyona asks if China will reap the financial benefits of the region while the US spends its money and soldiers’ lives on war.

Then, what are the US interests in natural gas? Why are they getting involved in negotiations for the Nabucco pipeline? Also, watch part 2 of Alyona’s interview with military journalist David Axe, recently returned from Afghanistan.

Then, is healthcare hysteria due to the coincidental release of reports on mammograms? One congressman is trying to make November 25th No Complaint Day. Will anyone join the ranks?

Also, YouTube launches a new channel for Citizen Journalists. Alyona then interviews Dylan Avery, writer and director of “Loose Change”, a documentary on the events of 9/11.

Next, Alyona asks the audience who the bigger idiot is, after a mother calls the police on her 10 year old daughter, and the police use a taser stun-gun on her.